Apart from extensive experience as an art student, in various atelier and mainstream institutions, including a Master of Teaching and a completing a thesis on the subject of learning to draw,I have also worked extensively an art educator, from a primary to tertiary level over the last 20 years, Further to this I have worked for more than 20 years as a professional sculptor, with major public art commissions being completed across Australia along with exhibiting sculpture and drawings in the commercial Gallery scene. 

Time and time again I have found it is the connections I foster with others and the creative communities I am associated with that have inspired me to that create my most interesting work. Because of this, over the last two years I have set up a drawing school and designed an accompanying syllabus, to create a community of learning and creativity that centres on drawing. 

The effect of this has been the gathering together an amazing community of creative thinkers, including: writers, film makers, musicians, teachers, architects and of course drawers.