For a 21st century drawing school, there are three main areas of competency that should be expected: perceptive, communicative and cognitive, or more simply seeing, making, feeling. 

  1. Perceptive competency: the analytic process of perceiving visual values: size, direction, shape, line, tone, colour and texture (otherwise known as the elements of design). 
  2. Communicative competency: the synthetic process of conceiving visual relationships: dominance, repetition, variety, balance, contrast, harmony and unity (the principles of design).
  3. Cognitive competency: the higher order skills to intelligently evaluate and translate transcendent qualities. This includes the cognitive skills of innovation, imagination and play; leading ultimately to questions of metaphysics, semiotics and ethics.  

What I have then done is broken each of these components down into what I see as a regulated order, with a beginning middle and end, guiding the formation of each component. It is then along the line of this order, as it travels through each of the three great realms of competency mentioned above, that I have been able to thread the greater conversation together of what connects these ideas as one.

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