Do you find it hard to come up with new ideas?
Do you hit your head against the wall searching for a change?
Do you find interesting and imaginative people difficult to be around? I do
It's so sad, so shameful, so hard

And yet, when new ideas do come they come so easily, the grace of inspiration falling so gently, like a little lamb, bleating with it waggle tail. In fact, how often to you find a new idea wasn't new at all, something that had been sitting under your nose all that time...annoying you, trying desperately to gain your attention, engulfing you.

It's an interesting thing about new ideas. As much as we might hope for that flash of brilliance to hit us on a dull day, they rarely come unaccompanied with their gang of tawdry followers. Perhaps we are a little cruel on ourselves as we pull on our beards and gnash our teeth trying to come out with new ideas, could it be that a more effortless process of connectivity is available?

Drawing is a great way to gather together ideas. In drawing we focus on the simple ideas that surround us, basic lines, shapes, gestures...etc and put them down on the page, making a tangible connection of what we see to what we know and feel. Understood through our own creative potential we can then identify with what our ideas need, and see the steps forward to what we want.

The result is not necessarily a good idea but quite possibly a better one, with a sense of direction being established for a better way forward. In such a way, drawing helps us to see new ideas not as something you find or take, but as something you cultivate and grow. This enables us to connect between the limitations of what we do, to the possibilities of what we see, a connection they call innovation.

So Relax. Take a deep breath. Stop running around searching for a new ideas and be still, pick up a pencil and become a new idea. 

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