Some short films created by Jamey Foxton

A brief history of the conception of the school

The thing I like about a cup of tea is that you can finish it. Over the last 25 years of teaching and sculpting, one of the biggest problems I have found is being able to finish things...

This is the story of a sculpture commissioned by Saint Ignatius' College Riverview in 2017 in acknowledgement of survivors of abuse. The sculpture was modelled in clay then cast into cement fondue. Commentary by Daniel Dominguez and music played by the Saint Ignatius’ College Orchestra.

The story behind “The Break”, a sculpture commissioned by Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview in 2017 to acknowledge survivors of abuse. Commentary by Daniel Dominguez and music played by the Saint Ignatius’ College Orchestra.

Do you find it hard to come up with new ideas? Introducing... 'a more effortless process of creativity'. Film courtesy of Jamey Foxton.

Materials: Pups's Simpson tweed, charcoal, hot pressed rag, an iPhone and a dog. Music: Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt. Another brilliant film by Jamey Foxton

A film by Jamey Foxton. 

A poetic meditation on the creative process behind the work of Daniel Dominguez. I've had the privilege of learning under Dan for many years, he is an ongoing mentor and inspiration for me in all things creative.

If anyone is looking for a film maker this guy is

A perfect way to draw your team together. This was a fun session held recently out at Cockatoo Island. Focusing and imaginative exercises also available along with the fundamental basics of how to construct a drawing. For more info check out the COURSES page 

In my very first episode I ramble with long time friend and creative mentor, Daniel Dominguez, to explore some of his insights into the creative process. Thesis: "Drawing, like all intelligent processes, asks us to engage our attention in two adverse acts: breathing in and breathing out: perception and conception."

Inagural Daniel Dominguez School of Drawing Exhibition. A promo by Jamie Foxton, a man that will one dat astonish the world.